India, a country with a rich cultural heritage values the togetherness of families. Every family dreams of having a designer home. However, it is often observed that many families don’t understand how they can incorporate elevation designs into their homes.

Elevation designs have a great impact on the architecture of a house. The outside of a home, particularly the walls, decided the initial impression of a structure. Some of the normal house front elevation designs are discussed in this article.

What are normal house front elevation designs?

Home Elevations are drawings created to illustrate the final look of a house after renovation. The main purpose of these designs is to project a clear vision of the upcoming home structure. There are many things taken into consideration by architects while planning normal house front elevation designs, such as noise prevention, good natural lighting, building temperature, minimum energy consumption and many more. All of these factors combined to create harmonious house designs.

Elevation designs with tiles:

Attractive designs using rock textures, multi-coloured bricks, and textured/patterned tiles make captivating designs for the home fronts. With tools such as 3D elevation designs, architects can virtually project these patterns to visualise the final result.

Exteriors designs with wooden tiles present a classy and chic appearance to the home design. A fantastic alternative to this type of tiles is wooden planks which showcase a natural finish to the design; however they tend to damage easily.

House front elevation design with bricks:

Using bricks for the house front elevation is a very low-cost appealing design. Reddish brown Hughes and solid glass windows provide a vintage effect with a contemporary look to your house. Different coloured bricks give a different edge to the look, warm tone bricks give a vintage feel to the home front while cool tone bricks give a contemporary and modern feel to the design.

House front elevation design with stone

Home designers often drive towards stone while designing house fronts, to give a natural and attractive look. Different stones project different effects on the house. Using natural stones gives extra protection to the exterior walls as these stones contain silicate and calcium properties. This design choice often works well with duplex homes.

Wooden Panel elevation design

Wood panels and exposed wooden beams always amp up any home design. Oakwood, pine wood, cheddar wood, bamboo and many more are types of wood used to create these wooden panels which are then installed on the exterior walls to achieve a chic contemporary look.

Colour Combination Ideas for Normal house front elevation designs

Every blueprint of elevation designs has to be planned with well though color combinations to achieve the final look. Here are some colour combination ideas for normal house front elevation designs.

Low-cost normal house front elevation designs

The trend in recent years has shifted to single floor plans due to their affordability for construction. These houses, however, have magnificent design capacity. Even though being on the lower budget spacious rooms and beautiful home front elevation designs can be cooperated to make them give a luxury look. Single floor plans can opt for exposed bricks or stone out fronts to give an eloquent look.

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